Richmond Vein Center: Veinwave treatment


Utilizing its revolutionary Unipolar Thermocoagulation (UPT) technology, Veinwave™ delivers instant results with no side effects. The device generates a high frequency heat energy via an ultra fine insulated needle which causes the vein walls to stick together, collapse and disappear. Unlike with most lasers and IPL’s, there is no risk of scarring or bruising and there is no need for any anaesthesia. The principle benefit of the Veinwave™ Polarised Light System is to provide a clear view of the sub-surface vessels. These would not be visible with a normal magnified headlight. The Veinwave™ Polarised Light System will allow faster and more accurate treatment, with less eyestrain for the practitioner.

A revolutionary new treatment for these spider veins, too small to inject, is now available at the Richmond Vein Center. The Veinwave™ is the only FDA-approved treatment for small spider veins of the legs, ankles, and feet.
The technique utilizes thermocoagulation and the results are instant, requiring no bandaging and producing no bruising, scarring or pigment changes. The technique requires no anesthesia, is nearly painless and requires no recovery.

VeinwaveVeinwave™ is the market leader in thermocoagulation for the treatment of telangiectasias and spider veins and the only FDA cleared treatment of its kind in the United States. With over 10 years experience – treating thousands of patients weekly in over 31 countries, Veinwave™ is now considered by many as being the gold standard.

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