Richmond Vein Center: Microphlebectomy

Ambulatory Microphlebectomy

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Ambulatory Microphlebectomy is a method of removing varicose veins on the surface of the legs. It is done in the office under local anesthesia. This procedure involves making tiny punctures on the skin through which the varicose veins are removed. The incisions are so small no stitches are required. Veins are very collapsible such that even large veins may be removed through the tiny incisions used in this technique. The patient is able to walk following the procedure and return to normal activity in 24 hours.

Before surgery, you may be given a sedative to help you relax. Local anesthetic is then injected into the leg to numb it. The surgeon makes the punctures and gently removes the vein with special instruments.

After treatment, a compression bandage is usually placed for 24 hours. The patient can return to normal activity within 24 hours.

While many veins can be treated during a single treatment session, additional visits may be needed to remove all of your varicose veins.



  • Wear compression stocking continuously for first 24 hours.
  • Return to normal activity in 24 hours.
  • No strenuous activities for 3 days (ex. heavy lifting).
  • Ambulation instructions: 30 minutes daily for 7 days.
  • Follow up venous ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Gould 2 Days after appointment.
  • It is normal to experience some tenderness, possible bruising and “leak” watery fluid from the leg where local anesthesia was administered.