Richmond Vein Center: Healthy Legs

Recommendations for Healthy Legs

Healthy Legs pdf

Healthy legsregular exercise
Walking, running, Stairmaster, aerobics, swimming, elliptical machine, or biking for 30 minutes, 5-7 days per week will help reduce aching, pain and tiredness in your legs.

elevate your legs
Elevating your legs above heart level for at least 10 minutes once ot twice daily may diminish aching and swelling.

move your legs frequently
Flexing your ankles 10 times will pump the blood out of your legs like walking does. Repeat this every 10 minutes while standing or sitting and try to walk for at least 2 minutes every half hour.

avoid wearing high heels
Wearing high heels interferes with the normal pumping action that occurs when you walk and may lead to aching and cramping of the legs.

maintain a proper height
Even moderate weight loss may reduce aching in the legs due to varicose veins and diminish the rate at which spider veins develop.

wear support hose
Available at pharmacies and medical supply stores. There are many brands to choose from. However, it is best to wear a stocking that is labeled "graduated" as this will really help to improve your vein function.
Light support: 4-14 mm
Moderate support: 15-20 mm
Heavy: 20-30 mm