Painless solutions for troublesome vein disorders in men and women.

If you experience aching, swelling, heaviness, fatigue or varicose veins in your legs, you may be suffering from superficial venous reflux, also known as superficial venous insufficiency. Richmond Vein Center provides the most current and least invasive office treatments for varicose veins, spider veins and most venous disorders that involves little or no pain.

Richmond Vein Center Treatment Roadmap:

1. Call for Consult

Each case begins with a complete review of the patient’s history and a physical examination.

2. Testing

Next, if indicated, the patient is given a Doppler ultrasound examination to identify the specific areas of venous reflux disease.

3. Treatment

After diagnosis, each patient receives a customized treatment plan designed for his/her specific pattern of abnormality.

4. Follow Up

Scarring, bruising, pain and swelling are minimal, most patients are able to resume their everyday activities – typically within 1-2 days.

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